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Door 14!

I see this door every weekday and love the design of it.



Door 13!

The blue doors are everywhere!  It definitely seems to be the most popular colour that I’m coming across.  Blue and white… hmm… scottish flag… Maybe there is something subliminal in that.  Anyhow, I really love this door.  I love symmetry that is odd not even, like the panels on this door; one in the middle and one either side.


Door 12!

This was a door my bloke spotted.  It’s very cute and I’d love to have a little porch like this.  This is the first door I’ve shown with stained glass, which is another thing I think I’d like to have in my door someday 🙂


Door 11!

This door is yet another white(-ish, plus black stripes) door in the series!  What I’m noticing is a lot of plain white doors whenever I haven’t spotted a door in advance and have just gone looking for one that day.  I don’t know what that means, maybe it’s a signal I really need to do a lot more comprehensive searching for future doors…

As you can probably tell; this was taken at night.  I’m having a bit of trouble getting photos before 4pm (when the sky starts to darken at the moment!) because of college so I’m having to find doors that are not only in corresponding numbers but are hopefully a bit different than the previous colour and also under a street light so it has some illumination!  Bit tough going really.


Door 10!

Officially into double numbers and it feels good. 🙂

After having a bit of a wobble yesterday I’ve managed to convince myself that this project is definitely worth my time and energy, as someone managed to make me doubt it which I’m angry at.

Anyway this lovely dark brown door comes with a free cat!


Door 9!

I’m really sorry that this wasn’t up yesterday.  I had a bit of a bad day to be honest and just didn’t get to the computer.  I’m sure we all have those though!

Anyway, this is door number 9.  I was looking for a more modern door to make a change to all the 1900-ish doors.  I liked the boldness of this frontage.  Apparently white is the most popular door colour so far!


Door 8!

Saw this door when I was walking home.  I was getting a bit despondent because every single 8 that I passed was black and a bit boring.  Then finally this lovely door came into view as I rounded a corner, success at last!


Door 7!

Plain and simple.  Blue and classic.  🙂


Door 6!

Todays door is a very severe number 6.  These houses are very impressive and large.  I’m beginning to wonder if there is a link between the person who paints the door and the colour they choose…
Although I have to say I would not mind living in this house no matter what the colour of door!

Oh and a little note about the actual photographs I’m taking: you might notice that some are straight on and some are at an angle.  Well I would love it if I could get square on each time but I’m finding that it’s just not possible 😦  Most people will park their cars right outside their house and I have to avoid other distractions in the photo so it means I walk a few paces to either side to elliminate them.  Hopefully it doesn’t ruin the effect when looking through them but it does bug me that they’re not all the same size and angle, maybe I’m just being pedantic?


This is Door 5!

I’m loving the snow carpet that surrounds houses at the moment.  Everything is brightened and it all looks so clean.  Unfortunately this doesn’t quite work for brown!  I like the colour combo of brown & light blue/grey though.

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