This is Door 5!

I’m loving the snow carpet that surrounds houses at the moment.  Everything is brightened and it all looks so clean.  Unfortunately this doesn’t quite work for brown!  I like the colour combo of brown & light blue/grey though.



This is Door 4!

Ages ago when I had the first go at this project I found a house with an amazing door for number 4, but unfortunately it didn’t have a number anywhere visible.  Also; amazingly I found this one while taking a walk today and they are very very similar doors and have the exact same number!  You can see the door that almost made it, here.

P.S.  If anyone knows of a pink door in Edinburgh could you please email me at pineapplelime{‘@’}hotmail{‘.’}com (without the {‘s etc, those are to fool spambots but I don’t know if it works!)  Thank you 🙂


Door 3!  This is a very cool shop near the Greyfriars Churchyard entrance.

I’ve loved this shop and this shop front for a long time.  The window displays are always beautiful and I always want to buy things from there even when there isn’t any occasion to!


Door 2!

I really love the triangle over this door.  I think these tenements are pre1900 because the doors are just that little bit fancier than most.


This is door number one!  It is the main door to the Balmoral Hotel, 1 Princes Street.

How excited I am!!

Way back when I first had this idea, the thought of the starting photo scared me a little.  I knew it had to be a bit grand and it had to be a very recognisable door on a very well-known street.  Well I don’t know about you but when I think of Edinburgh I think firstly of the Royal Mile (and secondly of Princes Street).  Now, I’ve lived here all my life and it certainly held the top spot in my mind but can you imagine my surprise when I looked up “1 Royal Mile” only to find out that it isn’t a street at all!  It’s actually the High Street.  I thought it over and of course it makes sense, in retrospect, but I was a bit disappointed for two reasons.

Reason 1:  I couldn’t photograph the imposing wooden doors of Edinburgh Castle as my first door.

Reason 2:  When I was in primary school I went on a class trip to Edinburgh Castle and fell in love with it.  I asked one of the guides “Is this the Queens house?” and she thought for a minute then told me “Yes I suppose it is!  Although she has quite a few houses, have you heard of Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle?”.  I told her I had but it was of no consequence to me because they weren’t in Scotland so I couldn’t visit.  I got home that evening and told my mum I wanted to write a letter to her to thank her for such a wonderful trip around her house and gardens.  I remember writing it in purple crayon and drawing a stamp on the envelope.  I didn’t get a reply, oddly enough… but now I know why; I simply had the address wrong!


I’ve been quiet for a long while yet again.  I started a cookery course at college and that takes up a huge amount of my time.  But, after a lovely long holiday I’m optimistic that I can continue the 365 Doors project that I started two years ago.

The idea:  It’s pretty simple, I will take a photograph of a door each day, matching the day of the year to the door number.

The aim:  In the end I’ll have a nice collection of 365 photographs of doors from around Edinburgh.

The reason:  Well…  I suppose I don’t really have a reason.  I’m not being paid to do this or anything, I just like taking photos.  Since I started my college course on something completely different I haven’t been taking as many photos as I used to, hopefully this will blend the two areas together.

I recognise that there are a few things that might cause a problem…  I am just choosing these doors at random, they’ll have been doors I’ve passed and thought were interesting, but the people who own the property might not be ok with their door being on the internet.  Everyone has probably heard about Google Streetview and one of the cities they feature is Edinburgh.  So I feel like it’s already out there.  Of course I’d never take a photo of a door that isn’t publicly viewable.  And I would never put anything online that might identify a person (like a name plate) or the street that the door is on unless it’s a well-known business or shop.  So my solution was to get some mini business cards from Moo printed up.  And here they are:

moo cards for 365 doors

moo cards for 365 doors

moo cards for 365 doors

They are pretty adorable in real life!  The message on the back says:

Hello there!

My name is Siobhan and I’m a photographer.  I’m doing
a project in which I photograph a different door each
day.  I have photographed your door and would like to
show you the results.  Please visit the site below;


Hopefully it reads well and sounds friendly.  I’ll pop this in the letterbox of each door I photograph.

If you have visited that website, then found your photo and followed the links to here: hello!  I hope you like the photo I took 🙂

I think this sums up the project nicely but if you have any questions or comments please do write them by clicking “Leave a comment” above!

Apparently I am a really sporadic updater!  I tend to over think what I’m going to write about, so much so that I end up thinking myself out of writing at all.

Anyway so I just wanted to jot something that happened on Tuesday/Wednesday.

My Gran goes to the SilverScreen matinee showing at the cinema mostly every Tuesday and because I’ve had Tuesdays free I usually go along too.  It’s just normal films about 4/5months after they’ve dropped off the usual viewing lists.  Anyway it’s all very nice and if you get there early enough you get a good selection of biccies and a mug of tea or coffee.  That morning I had really slept in but I ended up making it with about 2 minutes to spare.  We sped down the stairs hoping to see a few nice biscuits left but lo, only broken shorties and a couple of stale cookies.  Teas down on counter, two sugar packets each, rip, pour, stir, rush to the ticket lady who tells us to get a move on or there won’t be any seats left as we’re in the smallest screen today!  Hoofing it down past all the hip-replacements and brittle bones I won us two seats right at the back.  Usually we have a few seats either side of us so we don’t have to put up with the wee old moaners but no such luck today.  We were right beside a pair that were ‘whispering’ a little bit too loudly.  I think they genuinely had hearing problems so they couldn’t hear each other and assumed no one else could.  They were having a conversation when we sat down so I didn’t catch the start of it but the ending went something like this:

OldLady1: points wildly at a man and woman a couple rows infront “See that man there?”
OldLady2: cranes her neck wildly “Oh aye, what about him?”
OldLady1: “He brings his neighbour instead of his wife!”

I was a bit gobsmacked and started to giggle but my gran started to choke on her broken shortbread but she’d finished all her tea!  So I hastily handed her my cup and she managed to control the coughing.  Because I didn’t have any tea left to dunk my stale cookies in I just shoved them in my bag in any old pocket to be binned later on buuut.. I totally forgot about them and later that day after texting Kev to tell him about the film I tucked my phone safely in my bag.

Zoom forward to Wednesday and I’m running late for an appointment at the college I’m hoping to go to.  I take out my phone and try to contact the reception but I could barely hear it ringing.  From what I could hear it just kept ringing out.  I tried it a few times and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working properly but because the bus was so noisy I just put it down to that and put it away again.  I got to that appointment about 25mins late, thanks LRT!  And while the bloke was still alright to see me I had to wait til he was done with someone else.  I took out my phone and wanted to make sure it was on silent when I noticed a weird beige blockage in every nook and corner in the phone.  Bloody cookie crumbs all over the place!  I’d forgotten the stale cookies from the day before and ended up having to poke every crumb out with a pin when I got home that night.  What an idiot!  The amount of fluffy dirt that came out of the charger socket was pretty disgusting too.

I’m just back from a week long get-away to a tiny place called Earlsferry in Elie.  It is such a beautiful place.  One of those places where the sky feels huge, so much bigger than where ever ‘home’ is.  I’ll get my photos up soon but I don’t want to overwhelm myself like I usually do when it comes to choosing the “picks”.  Also, I’m a bit pedantic when it comes to sorting out photos in date order.  I’ve got such a huge backlog of photos that are yet to be looked at because I’m always wanting to upload the new ones!

I really didn’t do much.  I had pictured myself reading a lot, knitting my way through a massive tote bag of projects (I was worried I didn’t have enough!) and photographing everything that moved.  Well, I just about managed the last one, I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky and sea.  The only thing I was surprised about was that I didn’t do more knitting.  Which in a roundabout way means that I was having lots of fun with the people that were there and amusing myself with walks along the beach and cliffs taking photos.

Looking back at that week it really showed me how much I miss my husband when I’m away from him, I couldn’t sleep properly and was having bad nightmares.  I really missed the cats too, my whole wee family.  I won’t be going away without him for a very long while.  And that said I’m off to look up ideas for our next weekend away.


This is the first time I’ve looked at using Word-Press as a main website.  I have to say (without kissing-up too much) it’s pretty awesome!  It’s really easy to customise and add bits and bobs too.  I’m really not sure what I want or expect from having a ‘website’ other than getting to play about with it and make it look pretty.

I really should introduce myself.  My name is Siobhan and I’m on most sites as pineapplelime.  Siobhan is pronounced sh-von and pineapplelime is pronounced however you like!  I came by that handle after compiling a list of all my favourite words and a trend appeared of easy-to-say four lettered words and words with double letters.  I liked the different images I could conjure up with this mix of words: Pineapple Lime, Pine Apple Lime, Pine Applelime, etc.  Also I realised a couple weeks ago that I have Synesthesia with regards to letters and numbers appearing in colour when I imagine them.  Pineapplelime has a very nature-y green/yellow/brown/white feel to it, which I like very much!

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I love it.  I feel so lucky to have grown up here.  It seems to embody the perfect amount of busy/calm, city life/country life.  And if it weren’t for the roadworks (eye-roll!) and the trams that they’re trying to put in (groan!) I’d declare it ‘perfect’.

I’m married and have two cats, I love knitting, taking photos, cooking, baking, drawing & painting.  And that’s about it!  How about you?

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