Door 6!

Todays door is a very severe number 6.  These houses are very impressive and large.  I’m beginning to wonder if there is a link between the person who paints the door and the colour they choose…
Although I have to say I would not mind living in this house no matter what the colour of door!

Oh and a little note about the actual photographs I’m taking: you might notice that some are straight on and some are at an angle.  Well I would love it if I could get square on each time but I’m finding that it’s just not possible 😦  Most people will park their cars right outside their house and I have to avoid other distractions in the photo so it means I walk a few paces to either side to elliminate them.  Hopefully it doesn’t ruin the effect when looking through them but it does bug me that they’re not all the same size and angle, maybe I’m just being pedantic?